Customizing & Licensing

Transform your favorite art postcard into something more personal with our customization options.

Customization & Output Options Include:

  • Fabrics: From luxurious silk to durable cotton, get your favorite designs printed on high-quality fabrics. Perfect for fashion designers, DIY enthusiasts, and interior decorators.
  • Wallcoverings: Elevate your interior with custom wallcoverings. Choose from our exclusive designs or submit your own for a personalized touch to your home or office.
  • Framed Art: Get our stunning designs or your unique creations framed beautifully. Ideal for gifting or adding a sophisticated flair to your space.
  • Other Items: If it can be printed, animated, woven, laser cut, 3-D printed, cast, or molded we can help make it real.

Why Choose Us as a Partner?

  • Original Designs: Hand-drawn designs available only at CHAMY.XYZ.
  • Scaleable: Artwork is vectorized for flexible use at any scale without loss of quality.
  • Color: Artwork is re-colorable and works in black and white as original drawings.
  • CAD-Ready: Artwork is re-colorable and translatable into CNC Paths, 3D-Models, Virtual Textures for metaverse, games, animation.
  • Production & Distribution: We work with the best vendors to ensure consistent quality, fast turnaround, and distribution.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We work closely with you to ensure your application is realized just as you imagined.
  • Licensing: Flexible agreements for quantities, sector, period, and region exclusivity.

How It Works:

  1. Choose Your Product: Use a design from our shop as inspiration or commission a completely new one.
  2. Tell us what you want: Describe what you want to use the design for and what kind of customizations you want such as color, scale, placement, or other personalizations.
  3. Approve mock-ups or samples: Review a digital mockup or physical samples of your order for approval or revisions.
  4. Place your order: Specify quantities and variations, and place your orders.

Ready to Create Something Unique?

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